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alternative names: Planta Fina growing locations: Spain: Rueda, Valencia aromas: Herbs, nuts, laurel, clover
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Verdejo is aromatic, herbaceous and soft with full body. In Rueda, it is blended with Sauvignon Blanc or Macabeo. The wine is capable of aging well. When labeled Rueda Verdejo, it must consist of at least 85 percent and is often 100 percent, Verdejo.

growing conditions

Verdejo has a distinctive blue-green bloom. It is harvested at night to prevent oxidation and browning of the juice.

origin and history

Verdejo is not related to Verdelho of Madeira. It is a Spanish variety found in Rueda and outside Valencia thatoriginated in North Africa and spread to Spain sometime around the 11th century. It produces one of Spain’s most distinguished white wines.

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