Light- to medium-bodied, Trepat typically shows fresh and elegant strawberry, raspberry and rose petal aromas. Trepat is mainly used to make rosado (rosé) Cavas, but is also used to make high quality still red wines. Bright acidity makes the wine light and fresh.

Growing Conditions

Trepat prefers alluvial or sandy over calcareous soils and can be found in the coastal regions of Penedés and similar areas nearby and their distinct, maritime-influenced mesoclimates. Trepat buds early and is resistant to most fungal diseases. When planted at higher altitudes, Trepat is susceptible to frost damage, however this is less of a problem because Trepat is mostly planted at lower elevations that are less susceptible to frost.

Origin and History

This red wine grape is indigenous to wine regions in northeast Spain. About 3,700 acres are grown.

Growing Locations
Spain: the northeast wine regions of Penedés, Conca de Barberá and Costers del Segre.
Wild, red berries and crisp, red berry flavors.
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