These tools will help you to be the expert trainer in your field for wine basics. Each module contains instructions and talking points for the teacher (the Facilitator’s Guide) along with all of the necessary handouts for students. There are seminars as well as fun, interactive tasting activities that help to break down the barriers of wine knowledge. Learning about wine should not be intimidating; it should be FUN! The last two links provide reliable references selected by Kobrand’s education department that will help enhance your in-depth knowledge of wine and spirits.

Kobrand Education Series 101:
What is Wine?
Seminar on the basics of wine, its classifications, and the most popular varietals.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
How Wine is Made
Seminar on the basics of winemaking from vine to bottle.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
The Tongue Tells
Interactive component tasting demonstrating the individual tastes of the tongue as they relate to wine.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
The Nose Knows
Interactive activity where individuals identify scents using an aroma kit. Ideal for team competitions.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
Jelly Belly Experience
Interactive tasting demonstrating common flavors in wine using Jelly Belly jelly beans which underscores the subjective nature of aroma and flavor evaluation. Perfect tasting for participants under 21 years of age.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
How to Taste Wine
Seminar on the method for tasting and evaluating wine offering the opportunity to clarify basic wine terms and reduce the frustration associated with identifying aromas and flavors.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
Big Six Tasting
Interactive wine tasting and evaluation that incorporates common varietals and learnings from the previous KES 101 modules.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
Food and Wine Affinity
Seminar and interactive tasting where individuals learn the synergies of tastes and flavors in food and wine when they are combined.
Kobrand Education Series 101:
Wine Service
Seminar covering suggestive selling and proper service techniques.
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