Torrontés is a wine with moderate acidity and smooth texture, meant to be consumed young. It’s usually very light and perfumed, with salinity and minerality.

Growing Conditions

Torrontés does well in cold, dry, windswept condtions. The vine is high yielding. Torrontés Riojano produces large, loose clusters of pale grapes, while Torrontés Mendocino has small, tight bunches of dark yellow berries.

Origin and History

Torrontés is the signature white grape of Argentina. It is part of the Criollas (mixed) group of grape varieties that are assumed to be American cultivars of Vitis vinifera. In Galicia, there is a Torrontés variety called Albillo Mayor that is likely unrelated.

Alternative Names
Torrontés Riojano, Torontel
Growing Locations
Argentina; Chile
Peach, apricot, heady perfume
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