Pedro Ximénez


Pedro Ximénez is a foundation variety for sherry and other dessert wines. Sherry that uses PX is made by drying the grapes under the sun, which concentrates sweetness. The resulting thick, black liquid is fortified and aged in a solera system. The wine is oxidative and sweet, but retains enough acidity to give it balance. PX wines are extremely viscous in texture and are some of the most “syrupy” sweet wines made.

Growing Conditions

The vine does well in warm climates. PX grapes are thin-skinned and soft and the fruit sets late.

Origin and History

It may have originated in the Canary Islands, and is possibly of Moorish heritage.

Alternative Names
PX, Pedro
Growing Locations
Spain: Andalucía; Chile; Australia
Raisin, molasses, walnut
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