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Zoom image alternative names: Touriga Francesa growing locations: Portugal: Douro aromas: Fresh red fruit, earth, flowers
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Touriga Franca


Touriga Franca is not as concentrated or deep in color as Port’s other grapes, but shows greater suppleness and elegance.

growing conditions

Moderately vigorous and low in productivity, Touriga Franca thrives in the hot soils of the Douro Valley’s lower, relatively fertile slopes where it is protected from wind. Though the grapes are thick skinned, the bunches are delicate and the fruit may not mature fully in very dry years if planted in arid soils. Very high in tannin and extremely highly scented, it is an important contributor of structure and balance to the Port blend.

origin and history

Native to Portugal, Touriga Franca is related to the Touriga Nacional vine, though it is more fragile. Touriga Franca is the most widely planted of the Port region's vines, accounting for 21 percent of the vineyard areas.

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