Solo is a sparkling dry red wine that is sourced exclusively from organically farmed vineyards on the Medici Ermete estate, within the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Vines are grown in clay soil using Cordone Speronato (cordon trained and spur pruned) with restricted yields. The blend is 51% Ancellota and 49% Lambrusco Salamino. The Ancellota grape is known for its small and very dark berries, which give this wine concentrated red fruit flavors as well a sweet spice note. The Lambrusco Salamino blends perfectly with Ancellota, giving freshness and acidity. The wine is best served at a temperature of 47 to 49 degrees Fahrenheit and should be consumed within two years of vintage.

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2022 vintage
Harvest Note
The 2022 vintage was a challenging year, Emilia Romagna was faced with hailstorms in the spring and early summer. Luckily the estate vineyards at La Rampata and I Quercioli, where Solo is grown, managed to avoid any damage from hail. The summer proved once again to be hot and required the family to implement targeted drip irrigation with their recycled water system to ensure the grapes would reach their full potential. The changing climate and resulting heat remains the largest problem on the estate, each year this challenges the metabolism of the grapevine. Fortunately the fall ushered in some cooler weather and rain which help the vines produce beautifully mature fruit.
Tasting Note
The 2022 vintage of Solo is paticularly soft and enjoyable. The soft tannins provided by Salamino are married together with the gentle aromatic notes of the Ancellotta. The Ancellotta highlights the fruit notes in the best way, with Salmaino providing the freshness and acidity.
Food Pairing
Delicious with cured pork meats such as salami or mortadella or a variety of pasta dishes such as tortellini or lasagna.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 51% Ancellota, 49% Lambrusco Salamino
PH: 3.3
ACIDITY: 7 g/l
ABV: 11.50%
Unique Selling Points
  • Highly acclaimed by international wine media
  • 130 year old, 5th generation family winery
  • From organically farmed Medici family estate vineyards
  • Medici Ermete winery is certified sustainable by the Equalitas standard
  • Pairs with a wide variety of foods

About the Grape

Well-made Lambrusco can be refreshingly dry, with a lovely fragrance of red fruit and violets, a medium-bodied palate of fresh strawberries, a gentle spritz and a slight bitter almond finish.
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