Medici’s sustainable philosophy dates to the founding of the winery in the late 1800s. The founder, Remigio Medici, believed each generation should leave the vineyards and winery in the same or better conditions than they found it.

In 2021 Medici launched a sustainability campaign, “Generation 2031,” representing their commitment to the future and environmental, ethical-social and economic sustainability. The goal of this campaign is to reduce and ultimately eliminate their carbon footprint and support biodiversity through organic viticulture.

Specific sustainable initiatives include:


  • Medici Ermete began the three year process of transitioning all estate vineyards to organic farming in 2017, building on their long history of sustainable winemaking. With the 2020 vintage, Concerto became certified organic by CCPB.
  • Specifically, this means: no herbicides, no pesticides and no fertilizers.


  • The Medici Ermete winery is proud to be certified sustainable by Equalitas. Elements of this certification include:
  • Vineyard management to protect the land, including the designation of protected areas and planting pollinator wildflower gardens.
  • Recycling grape pomace and lees into organic compost which can be used in the vineyard.
  • Updating packaging to increase use of recyclables and reusable materials and decrease carbon footprint.
  • Installing wastewater recycling system to reduce water consumption.
  • Installing reusable energy sources, such as solar panels.
  • Annual sustainability auditing working towards a goal of zero carbon emissions.


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