Carezza, Italian for caress, is a simple gesture, full of emotions and capable of communicating deep sentiments. This wine endeavors to recreate in the glass the emotional sensation of a caress.

Carezza is produced using 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes, one of the most delicate and difficult of the Lambrusco grapes. The Lambrusco di Sorbara vine is easily subject to millerandage (uneven grape development) and causes incredible fruit loss, sometimes up to 2/3 of the entire harvest. A vine that produced wines of any lesser quality would have long since been abandoned. The exceptional character of the Lambrusco di Sorbara vines has caused vignerons to search for solutions to help the plight of Sobara – devising creative cultivation solutions to ensure a healthy verasion. One of the most established is co-planing with Salamino, which helps ensure even pollination. All this effort is worth it as the natural high acidity, light tannins and beautiful floral aromatics make Sorbara a perfect choice for this elegant sparkling rosé wine.

Produced using the traditional (or Champagne) method, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle with lees contact for 12 months. This leaves the wine with a hint of brioche, but plenty of freshness and fruit character. Upon disgorgement it is finished with a minimal dosage of 6 g/l.

Tasting Note

Dry, and very aromatic with notes of rose petals, raspberry and brioche. Bright and fresh, this elegant wine is a deep pink color with very fine perlage.

Food Pairing

Delicious on its own, this pairs well with salty cheese (parmesan) and charcuterie. It also works well with seafood dishes of all kinds. The bright acidity also stands up well to a more savory dish like carbonara or fiitto misto.

Technical Data
GRAPES: Lambrusco di Sorbara
APPELLATION: Metodo Classico Brut
ACIDITY: 7 g/l
ABV: 12%
DOSAGE: 6 g/l
Unique Selling Points
  • An elegant Methodo Classico wine, unusual to see from Lambrusco grapes.
  • 130 year old, 5th generation family winery
  • From the organically farmed Medici family estate vineyards
  • Medici Ermete winery is certified sustainable by the Equalitas standards
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