Among the most recognized areas of Barbaresco, in the 1900s all of Faset belonged the Conti Cocito di Neive, while now it is divided between various owners. The vineyard is very old(planted in1965) south facing vineyards form a large and steep slope, with the west side facing towards the Tanaro River. The parcel from which the Barbaresco Faset is produced is part of a vineyard which extends for approximately 7 acres and makes up part of the Cascina Cabanet. The soil, rich in calcium and magnesium, make it an excellent area which gives the Barbaresco its silkiness with elegant tannins. Faset is a Nebbiolo that ferments for 17/18 days with the skins in 55hl oak vats, where malolactic fermentation takes place. It is refined for a minimum of 2 years, ageing in large casks for 18 months, before final refinement in the bottle. It is a noble wine of excellent character and pleasantness.

Harvest Note
Winter brought regular weather conditions with heavy snow and a rainy Springtime. These conditions have been prosperous since it is aiding in restoring the depleted aquifers from the 2017 vintage when they were very little precipitation. The vegetative cycle began in a normal period. The excessive rains of May and the first half of June put a strain on the winemakers, who had to keep attentive watch, as it created the ideal conditions for blight. Nebbiolo clusters was abundant; we paid particular attention to green pruning and thinning of the bunches. This is a vintage with very varied qualitative results. Only the winemakers who meticulously managed the vineyards with particular attention to yields have produced truly excellent quality wine. From mid-June to August the climate was warm with scarce rainfall. From the end of August to the first half of September, we fortunately had particularly cool nights and warm days that allowed the development of intense and delicate aromas. The harvest took place during a regular time, if not slightly ahead, with perfectly healthy and ripe grapes. The Nebbiolo grapes reached an excellent physiological and phenolic maturation. The Barbaresco Wines have particularly intense aromas and excellent structure, they are certainly a great vintage.
Tasting Note
Nose: ample and aristocrat, notes of black berry’s, ethereal, wet soil with elegant hint of minerals combined with fine spices. It has great structure, elegant and long silky tannins, marked minerality and dense texture.
Food Pairing
Pairs well with roast pheasant, agnolotti with roast sauce, ell matured cheese.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Nebbiolo
PH: 3.6
ACIDITY: 5.65 g/l
ABV: 14.15%
AGING: 2 years, aged for 18 months in large casks before refinement in the bottle
Unique Selling Points
  • This wine is produced from a very old vineyard (1965) and reveals a unique character of spicy complexity and depth
  • Great complexity and potential of longevity!
  • Produced in a few bottles only inthe great vintages
  • V.I.V.A “SustainableWine”

About the Grape

Young Nebbiolo can be tough, acidic and tannic; but mature, its blackberry and wild cherry flavors and aromas develop complex and sublime violet, rose petal, truffle and tar notes.
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