“For us, the vineyard is a living thing, a life that we want to experience.”

Points of Distinction

  • 60 harvests of quality and long term recognition as one of the leaders of Barbera, Moscato d’Asti and Barolo
  • 100% family owned and run
  • No blends, no international varietals
  • Top historical singles vineyards in Barolo, Barbaresco & Barbera
  • Two top vineyards – Cerequio & La Court, recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites

Since 1956, Michele Chiarlo has been vinifying the essence of Piedmont, loving and developing the most incredible wine region in the world. There are 110 hectares of vineyards between Langhe, Monferrato and Gavi. These crus respect both ecological criteria & the expression of the terroir.

Michele Chiarlo has not abandoned his philosophy. Rigorous selection of the best grapes from only the most reputable growers in the most favored vineyard areas and longer aging in oak and then in bottle prior to release were measures he adopted before the DOC laws. Michele Chiarlo is also credited with being one of the first producers to introduce malolactic fermentation to Italy, thereby achieving wines of greater stability, lower acidity and easier accessibility in their youth.


Palás Cerequio expresses its essence permeated from the Barolo through two languages: Past and Future.


Inside the paternal palace, originating from the eighteenth century, the four suites dedicated to the past immerse its guests in an almost atavistic atmosphere. Each suite carries the name of a historic Barolo cru and a selection of bottles from their respective zones preserved in a glass display recessed in the wall: Cerequio, Cannubi, Rocche di Castiglione, Villero. Each room is furnished with pieces inspired by the baroque elegance and charm of Piedmont.


The style is minimal and natural, with unfinished, precious materials (Lucerne stone and oak logs), breathtaking views, and a private wellness spa area. The future area of Palás Cerequio offers total immersion in Barolo through a multi-sensory experience. Each suite is dedicated to celebrated crus, whose labels are presented in special display showcases: Vigna Rionda, Bussia, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Ginestra and Brunate. Images of the land complete the experience with music created ad hoc, a selection of volumes about Piedmont and decorative stakes from the vineyard.

The Orme Su La Court Art Park

L’Art Park La Court is one of the first Italian examples of land art among the vineyards. In place since 2003, on twenty hectares of one of the most prestigious vineyards of the Barbera d’Asti crus, the park is an open-air museum which gives witness to the inextricable symbiosis between art, land, and wine culture. Today La Court park is a temple of wine which gathers together the work and sculptures of internationally renowned artists, from Ugo Nespolo to Emanuele Luzzati to Chris Bangle, organised in an immersive and fairytale, artistic path, in the background of breathtaking landscapes. The park is a living cultural centre, open to the region and to the world, which each year promotes a rich calendar of events.

Maximizing Fruit Potential

Today, the Michele Chiarlo winemaking facilities consist of the home winery, cellars and bottling facility at Calamandrana; a second facility at Gavi, for the vinification and bottling of the DOCG Gavi wine; and a third facility adjacent to the Cannubi vineyard to accomodate vinify and mature wines from the Barolo zone and its “crus.” These installations are among Piedmont’s most technologically advanced, allowing Michele Chiarlo wines to be produced according to the quality principles that Chiarlo helped to innovate in the region, which today are commonplace, including soft presses, controlled temperature fermentation to conserve the grapes’ original fragrances and flavors, maceration with rotating sprayers, and temperature and humidity controlled cellars. Each wine type can be given specific treatment to maximize its potential.

100% Family Owned

From the beginning, Michele Chiarlo has directly managed or personally overseen every aspect in the productions of his wines. Since the early 1990s, his sons, Alberto and Stefano, have also held management roles.  Alberto, the elder, directs Marketing and sales; Stefano, an oenologist by profession, manages vineyard operations and collaborates in production in the cellars.

Michele Chiarlo
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