The Moscato grapes for ‘P’ Nivole are from the best exposed vineyards of Canelli, a region of Asti renowned for centuries as being an ideal microclimate for growing Moscato. They ripen earliest and are the first to be harvested, which for Moscato means a more fragrant and flavorful wine. Moscato grapes lose their aromatics the longer they stay on the vine. The ‘P’ stands for “primo” or first for these first-harvested grapes.

Tasting Note

A bright golden yellow, this fragrant Moscato has floral aromas with notes of mango, passion fruit, and lime zest. Sweet with bright acidity, fine bubbles, and a crisp finish.

Unique Selling Points
  • Hand harvested from the best exposed vineyards of Canelli
  • 'P' for Primo or first for the first harvested, most aromatic Moscato grapes
  • Perfect for brunch, poolside, and parties

About the Grape

Moscato Bianco / Muscat d’Alsace
Shows exotic aromas of tropical fruits, flowers, rose petals and citrus blossoms, and bright, clean fresh grape flavors, with a note of acidity. Sweet and fortified wines show honey and caramel notes.
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