Mahâris, which takes its name from the watch towers that the early inhabitants used to search the sea coast, is the wine that symbolizes the meeting of diverse styles and cultures. It brings together all the favorable complexities of the international varietal Syrah with Sicily’s par excellence growing Mediterranean microclimate.

Harvest Note
The mild winter as always and an early spring kicked off the 2021 grape growing season in Sicily. Harmonious and balanced vegetation development, the result of our attention to detail. Immediately after flowering, temperatures rose rapidly as early as June, regulated by constant winds cooling the vineyards and significant temperature ranges. The harvest began in late August without any particular advances in ripening. The grapes, the highest expression of quality, represent very well the varietal and terroir characteristics.
Tasting Note
Ruby red color. Mature fruit and notes of spice. Deep and well structured
Food Pairing
Fine meats, game noble, braised red meats
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Syrah
PH: 3.35
ACIDITY: 5.92 g/l
ABV: 14%
AGING: Aged 12-14 months in French small barrels, and at least 6 months in bottle
Unique Selling Points
  • Aged in French oak barrels for greater complexity

About the Grape

Nero d’Avola
Nero d’Avola produces deep-colored wines that have wild cherry and plum, dark chocolate and earthy aromas and flavors, good minerality and acidity, and a high level of tannins.
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