A growing area born of volcanic eruptions that over centuries has developed into a valuable home for viticulture. Mainly free-living, prefillosserous vines, exposed to the most extreme climatic agents, develop on dark volcanic soils resulting from lava flows. Here Animardente was born. A name that tells the soul of the silent volcano, unexpected and incandescent, giving life to perpetual motion. An irrepressible and seductive force of nature, an expression of a unique terroir. The wine’s name derives precisely from the bowels of the volcano, its incessant activity, the heat and color of the magma. Animardente is a pure nerello mascalese, produced from bush-trained vines rising 2297 feet above sea level, on soils that are sometimes sandy and ashy, sometimes pebbly and gravelly subjected to extreme day/night temperature swings. A seductive, powerful, textural, authentic wine.

Tasting Note

Light ruby red. Rich and opulent nose, with floral hints of violets, followed by jammy notes of cherries and blackberries, then mentholated tones, spices and dark tobacco taste. powerful and structured, with velvety tannins in balance with but a vibrant, crisp character. Finish of remarkable length and savoriness.

Food Pairing

Pairs well with red meats and grilled mushrooms.

Unique Selling Points
  • Rich with mineral characteristics that speak to the lava that illuminates Mount Etna
  • Soils are enriched with pebbles, gravel and volcanic ashes
  • Night/day temperatures vary benefiting the phenolic maturation of the grapes
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