The 1.15-hectare Les Perrières vineyard is situated to the south of the amphitheatre, on mid-slope just beneath the parcel of Le Clos. Exposed south-south-east, the slope here is steeper than it is on the Clos. The vineyard, which was planted in 1972-1974, is about to celebrate its 50th birthday.

Harvest Note
The 2020 vintage was quite early, as the growth cycle commenced with a warm period in late winter which was followed by a hot and dry summer. There were a few well-timed rains which moderated the drought conditions and relieved the vines. There were no diseases to contend with and the fruit arrived in a perfectly healthy state. Despite the heat alcohol levels are quite moderate, while acidity was retained. These are wines with lovely balance, a hint of tension, and which are capable of aging.
Tasting Note
Always the most racy cuvée! The delicate nose intensifies after some opening time and reveals lemon aroma, zest and verbena. Its mouth, both tense and dense, is tasty.
Food Pairing
Thai chicken curry, scallops in a mild curry sauce, veal in a creamy sauce flavored with vanilla and raisins, creamy cow's milk cheeses.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay
APPELLATION: Pouilly-Fuissé Premier Cru AOC
PH: 3.23
ACIDITY: 4.06 g/l
ABV: 13.44%
AGING: Fermentations and aging take place in casks of which 25% of cask new, 75% of cask from 1 to 3 wines for 10 months. Then the aging ends in stainless steel tank always with all their lees for another 7 months. Bottling took place oat the end of March 2022.
Unique Selling Points
  • Vines averaging 35 years old
  • Tête de Cru and Cuvée Hors-Classe are precursors to new, higher classification (Premier Cru) sites within the appellation currently under consideration by INAO
  • Flavors will deepen as the wine ages

About the Grape

Though it has a distinctive profile, Chardonnay reflects other factors such as soil composition and vinification technique. Chardonnay is a reliable, hardy and prolific vine whose only real vulnerabilities are frost and uneven development of fruit.
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