Cannubi is perhaps the most famous hill in Italy and is the most celebrated and prestigious vineyard with the Barolo designation. Historically, it is the oldest Italian cru when it was recognized in 1752. All the elements including altitude, exposure, soils, layout, and microclimate come together to result in a Barolo at the top of the designation. Lying on a steep slope, Cannubi was the first vineyard in Langhe to be terraced. Michele Chiarlo owns 4.5 acres of the vineyard with vines that are over 20 years old set in Tortonian and Helevetian-era calcareous marl. The terraces maximize an exceptional hillside exposure with a more than 50-degree gradient. The vines are thinned of excess bunches at the end of summer, leaving 5-6 bunches per vine on average. Hand harvested grapes are fermented on the skins in oak vats and then aged for two months in average sized oak casks before refinement in the bottle.

Tasting Note

Ruby red in color, this aristocratic and complex wine offers notes of small fruits, licorice, and sweet tobacco. A full-bodied wine with silky tannins

Food Pairing

Mushroom pasta, roasted meat and game, mature cheese

Technical Data
Unique Selling Points
  • Produced only in excellent vintages with very limited quantities
  • Cannubi is the most celebrated and prestigious vineyard of Barolo
  • Cannubi is the oldest Italian cru, recognized in 1752
  • Very low yield, hand harvested with summer thinning of excess bunches

About the Grape

Young Nebbiolo can be tough, acidic and tannic; but mature, its blackberry and wild cherry flavors and aromas develop complex and sublime violet, rose petal, truffle and tar notes.
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