Le Difese takes its name from the teeth of the wild boar, depicted in gold on the label. First vintaged in 2002, it is the latest from Tenuta San Guido. The presence of Sangiovese, which determines its character, gives the wine a clear personality with a strong Tuscan backbone. It is an extremely pleasant, smooth, and versatile wine that welcomes with grace, the selection of grapes while it exemplifies its qualities when paired with food.

92 Points
2022 vintage
91 Points
2022 vintage
Harvest Note
2022 was rather warm. Autumn brought abundant rains with above-normal temperatures, which dropped significantly from the end of November and throughout December, causing a vegetative standstill of the plants and the natural elimination of pests. The winter was rainy, and, from the end of February, temperatures rose rapidly causing conditions of high humidity. This was followed by an unusual March, with mild temperatures and no rain. From the end of April, the temperatures turned above the seasonal average, with sultry heat. This situation, in the delicate moment of flowering and fruit setting led to reduced production to maintain grape quality. The summer was above seasonal average, and dry, however, the pedoclimatic character of the area (proximity to the sea, strong ventilation, and the temperature range between night and day) determined the excellent quality of grapes. At the end of August, temperatures dropped. The 2022 vintage was rather challenging, and not especially generous in quantity, but the grapes from the hillside vineyards were excellent with great balance of total acidity and not excessive alcohol content. The harvest, carried out by hand, began on September 4th for the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and from September 16th with the Sangiovese, until the end of the month.
Tasting Note
Le Difese 2022 shows a beautiful intensity of fruit, softness, and pleasantness of well-integrated tannins. Marked aromaticity with hints of fresh berries, beautiful complexity on the nose in terms of aromas, very intense. Good freshness and perfect balanced tannins, supported by a non-invasive structure, which wraps well on the palate making the wine pleasant and easy to drink.
Food Pairing
Pair with grilled steak or steak salad, hamburgers and other casual but flavorful beef dishes. Has good acidity to compliment marinara and Bolognese sauces.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 55% Sangiovese
PH: 3.5
ACIDITY: 5.6 g/L
ABV: 13.50%
AGING: The wine was fined in French oak barriques, previously used for Guidalberto. Subsequent conservation in steel vats at a controlled temperature of 37-39°F to confer tartaric stability before bottling.
Unique Selling Points
  • A benchmark of quality at an affordable price
  • A mini Super Tuscan—shares a pedigree with Sassicaia
  • Matured for 8 months in oak barrels

About the Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is adaptable to various growing conditions, and is known for its low yield and late ripeness. It generally produces full-bodied wines with substantial acidity and tannins.
Sangiovese has aromas of black cherries with alluring wood, smoke, tar and herbal notes. The best wines made from this grape have incredible complexity, depth, finesse and power.
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