Sourced in the traditional way, from the highest-quality individual growers in the Douro Valley, where the varying altitude and aspect of the vineyards creates the potential for a complex wine of great character. Fermentation is halted by the addition of grape spirits before all the residual sugar has been fermented, creating a sweet, fortified wine. Single Harvest Tawny is a blend of ports from a single year which age to maturity in seasoned oak casks.

93 Points
Blue Lifestyle
1982 vintage
96 Points
Wine & Spirits
1982 vintage
Harvest Note
The drought that had affected the previous year’s crop continued throughout 1982 and by early September only 6.75 inches of rain had fallen that year at Pinhão, in the heart of the upper Douro region. However what little rain there was, it fell at the most appropriate times. Flowering and budset being above the mean, and the resulting crop, although not abundant, was only a little below average size. The long hot Summer was responsible for the early maturation of the fruit, and the vintage started generally on September 13th. Fruit was generally healthy with extremely tight clusters. Sugar levels were exceptionally high. Hot temperatures early in the vintage led to some rapid fermentations, but wines nevertheless all showed extremely good color, firm structure and an unusually powerful and fragrant aroma.
Tasting Note
Framed with complex notes of dried fruits, herbs, candied sugar and citrus. Powerful, with a long aftertaste, it is a very elegant wine, one of the greatest from the 80s.
Food Pairing
Almonds, walnuts, berry fruit, dark chocolate or blue veined cheeses.
Technical Data
GRAPES: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinto Cão, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca
PH: 3.62
ACIDITY: 5.19 g/l
ABV: 21.6%
Unique Selling Points
  • Blend of tawny port from a single year's harvest
  • Sourced from high quality growers

About the Grape

Tinta Barroca
Used to make Port wines, this high yielding grape has very high sugar content, which makes wines with pronounced floral character, good structure and firm, ripe tannins.
Tinta Cão
This grape has blackberry, game and meaty aromas, and contributes longevity and exceptional elegance to the blend of Port wines.
Tinta Roriz
Tinta Roriz produces deep-colored grapes of moderate acidity which make bold wines with firm tannins, excellent complexity and distinctive resin-like fragrance.
Touriga Franca
This grape has high tannins and is very aromatic; it lends structure and balance to Port wines. It shows intense fresh red fruit, earth and flower aromas, and is very fruity on the palate.
Touriga Nacional
Touriga Nacional produces wine with finesse, body and warmth that is dark, concentrated, massively tannic and aromatic. It ages to show the complex aromas typically found in mature vintage port.
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