Muscat from the flat alluvial gravel vineyards surrounding the winery. Ideal full sun exposure ensures that these wines are very ripe, opulent and fruit-driven. Both vineyards used to produce this village wine are located on the edge of the Herrenweg area in Turckheim, on slightly richer silt/loam soils that enjoy a very warm microclimate. The proportion of Muscat Petits Grains (red and white color grapes) is high as it is a more drought and heat resistant grape variety. It also takes a little longer to ripen but achieves better balance. Muscat doesn’t need a high ripeness potential to express all its qualities, but needs perfect skin ripeness to avoid unnecessary bitterness and an overly perfumed profile.

Harvest Note
Abundant sunshine and timely moisture led to a full crop with grapes in a fine healthy state. Full volumes returned especially with the vines which had been damaged by frost in the previous year.
Tasting Note
Exotic & expressive floral aromas with subtle mint signature; lively presence on the palate with refreshing acidity and moderately long dry finish.
Food Pairing
Casual aperitif, summer salads, barbecued white meats.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Muscat
PH: 3.34
ACIDITY: 3.45 g/l
ABV: 11.91%
AGING: In large old oak casks
Unique Selling Points
  • Crafted by Olivier Humbrecht MW
  • Crertified Biodynamic methods applied in vineyard and cellar
  • Reference-point Alsace wines with a highly focused terroir / subsoil emphasis

About the Grape

Muscat Ottonel
Muscat Ottonel is the most delicate member of the Vitis Vinifera Muscat family in terms of color, aroma and flavor. Sensitive to noble rot, Muscat Ottonel is often used in late harvest or dessert wines.
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