Every vintage we go through slightly earlier all our Grand Cru vineyards and Clos Windsbuhl to pick out all the younger vines that were planted when an older vine dies. We just tell the harvesters that if they cannot put their hand around the trunk, they can pick the grapes, leaving the very old vines for the Grand Vin. It is therefore a blend from all our top limestone vineyards on our estate. Limestone, especially if it also contains some clay, has a cooling effect on the vines, slowing down the ripeness process but more importantly, it helps to keep a good acidity balance in the grapes. It also forces this aromatic grape to go towards a more complex less floral style. The 2021 shows an amazing fresh acidity and was able to ferment completely dry, which isn’t usual for this wine.

Harvest Note
2021 was a challenging vintage which resulted in small volumes of extraordinary wines. The frost of April 6th significantly reduced the final harvest volumes. June & July saw heavy rains leading to rapid growth but unfortunately mildew also. August and September were sunny and dry, with harvest from September 15th to October 2nd. The small crop fermented quickly, alcohols were below usual levels, and all wines fermented completey dry.
Tasting Note
Intense, yellow colour. The nose shows a bright spicy and floral combination of aromatics, eventually opening towards peppery, cardamom, dry herbs aromatics. The pallet shows an amazing firmness, rarely seen on this grape variety, enhanced by a high sapid acidity. It is actually quite difficult to recognise the gewurztraminer such has the limestone geology influenced the flavour profile of this wine in this precise vintage. This wine has everything to be extremely food friendly as it does finish very dry.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Gewurztraminer
PH: 3.4
ACIDITY: 3.9 g/l
ABV: 13.7%
AGING: 12 months in large foudres
Unique Selling Points
  • Roche series wines offer specific terroir interpretations at accessible pricing
  • Certified Organic and Biodynamic
  • 94 points Suckling
  • Unbroken winemaking lineage in Alsace since 1620

About the Grape

Gewürztraminer has unmistakably heady intensity of fragrance, with pungent aromas of litchis, tropical fruits and rose petals. Its flavors are ample, fruity and spicy rather than complex.
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