Produced only in exceptional vintage years and intended as the ultimate expression of the Taittinger style, this wine is composed entirely of Chardonnay grapes grown in the top vineyards of the prestigious Côte des Blancs. Only the first press juice is used. A small proportion (5%) of the blend spends three to four months in new oak barrels, enhancing the intrinsic qualities of the final blend. Prior to disgorgement, the Blanc de Blancs is aged for 10 years on the lees in 13th-century chalk cellars that were once the property of Saint Nicaise abbey.

2007 vintage
96 Points
2007 vintage
Harvest Note
After a mild winter, and unusually warm temperatures, growth started early. However, in May, the region developed unpleasant weather and the conditions interfered with the vines’ flowering period. The grapes matured a little slower as a result of the mostly cold and gloomy summer. Thankfully at the end of August came the return of the sun and the fruit began to mature perfectly. Harvesting did not being until the end of August and was carried out under a cold, dry wind. This resulted in a healthy quality crop. The Chardonnay grapes were delicate and clear, and their citrus and white fruit aromas showed great potential.
Tasting Note
Golden with shimmers of green coating the constant stream of fine, delicate bubbles. Fine and delicate nose which combines white blossom and a certain minerality with general overtones of Anjou, light pear and golden raisins. Subtle hints of anise seed and smoky flavours follow this suggestion of fruit. The taste is vibrant, with a combination of lemon and saltiness. This is immediately followed by a sensation of complex, yet mellow freshness creating the perfect balance between ripeness and a full-rounded flavour. It is rounded off by a long-lasting, crisp finish with hints of salted butter.
Food Pairing
Pairs very well with shellfish and fish.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay
PH: 3.04
ACIDITY: 4.65 g/L
ABV: 12.5%
AGING: Minimum 8 years on the lees
Unique Selling Points
  • The wine for celebrations!
  • The ultimate expression of the Taittinger style
  • Produced only in exceptional vintage years
  • Made entirely from Chardonnay grapes from the top vineyards of Côte des Blancs

About the Grape

Though it has a distinctive profile, Chardonnay reflects other factors such as soil composition and vinification technique. Chardonnay is a reliable, hardy and prolific vine whose only real vulnerabilities are frost and uneven development of fruit.
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