Twins is the result of Aurelio Montes Sr.'s and Aurelio Montes Jr.'s self-imposed challenge to create a unique wine. After hours of discussions without agreeing on the blend, father and son decided to blend their two creations, and the result was perfect. Each of the four grape varieties added up to more than the sum of its parts. From both the Montes Apalta And Marchigue estates, each variety is planted on a unique soil type and brings distinct attributes to the wine.

Harvest Note
Concentrated winter rains totaling 20 inches provided a important water supply for the vineyards at a level not experienced in more than ten years. Budbreak and fruit set took place as expected, without spring frost, assuring the production of good-quality bunches. Significant rain after ripening created a huge amount of work in the vineyards to increase ventilation and enhance fruit drying. Timely action allowed winemakers to reach harvest with healthy grapes of good quality. Generally speaking, the season was cooler than the previous one, resulting in better color and aroma concentration and fresh wines with great personality.
Tasting Note
Twins is an aromatic wine with notes of fig and blackcurrant, typical of the Cabernet Sauvignon from this area. The Syrah makes its presence felt with delicate aromas of sweet spices and leather. Fresh and juicy on the palate from the Tempranillo in the blend, the Carmenère lends smooth, round tannins for a soft sensation that lingers on the finish.
Food Pairing
Pairs well with red meat, pasta, or pizza.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah, 25% Carmenère, 10% Tempranillo
APPELLATION: Colchagua Valley
PH: 3.15
ACIDITY: 3.68 g/l
ABV: 14.5%
AGING: 40% of the wine was aged for 10 months in first-use French oak barrels
Unique Selling Points
  • Collaboration between Aurelio Sr. and Aurelio Jr.
  • Four varieties that are greater than the sum of their parts
  • Perfect blend for parties and casual occasions

About the Grape

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is adaptable to various growing conditions, and is known for its low yield and late ripeness. It generally produces full-bodied wines with substantial acidity and tannins.
Carmenère has spicy red berry aromas and black plum flavors, with a pronounced leafy and green bell pepper edge, and notes of grilled meat and coffee.
Syrah has seductively dense, rich, chewy black berry aromas and flavors, with notes of tar, wood smoke, bacon, leather, chocolate, and sometimes violets. The tannins are firm yet elegant.
Tempranillo makes dark wines that are lush and seductive, with intense aromas and flavors of black cherry, raspberry and currant, with plum and tobacco notes. Lighter wines show complex red fruits.
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