The vines are alberello trained (bush trained), are 12-34 years old, and have been planted with a southern exposure at 250 feet elevation, about one mile from the sea. Yields are low; about 2.5 tons/acre, to encourage concentration and complexity in the wine. In the spring, the vines are pruned to one bud per plant, and in June/July, a green harvest is performed to eliminate lesser grapes. Twenty days prior to harvest, the vines go through an additional cluster thinning, or a selection of the best grapes in the bunch. To develop superior color and aromas, the wine undergoes a 15-day maceration at 8.6°F before fermentation with regular punching down, and is aged in steel tanks to retain the grape's fresh, crisp, red berry characters.

91 Points
2017 vintage
90 Points
Blue Lifestyle
2017 vintage
Harvest Note
A year, in essence, in clear opposition to that of 2017, marked by scorching heat. The expulsion, flowering, setting and veraison was good or excellent over most of the territory. A spot of leopard, attacks of downy mildew have been recorded that have struck mainly more sensitive varieties such as Nero d’Avola or Grillo. In narrow areas, part of the production was destroyed by an unusual hailstorm. From a qualitative point of view, just the low temperatures and the greater rainfall have led to a good one phenolic ripening and open to the production of fresh and elegant wines. In Eastern Sicily, the optimistic initial forecasts, supported by a climate not excessively sultry of spring-summer and the absence of disease, have given up step to more than a concern in the heart of summer: the intense and frequent rains of July ‐ August, in the full ripening phase of the vine, accompanied by some hailstorms at the local level, they have created more than one fear in different areas.
Tasting Note
Deep scarlet-red in colour. Brilliant and intense. The nose reveals decisive scents of red currant and blackberry, followed by spicy and balsamic hints of black pepper and eucalyptus.
Food Pairing
This wine pairs well with grilled red meats and BBQ.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Nero d’Avola
APPELLATION: Nero d'avola DOP Sicilia
PH: 3.4
ACIDITY: 5.7 g/l
ABV: 13%
AGING: Aged in steel tanks to retain the grape's fresh, crisp, red berry characters
Unique Selling Points
  • Carefully pruned vines and the best selection of grapes highlight the distinct characteristics of the indigenous Nero d’Avola
  • This flavorful, zesty wine is easy to drink and shows a charming, “fruit forward” character with a juicy mouthfeel.
  • Aged in steel tank to preserve the wine’s fresh, crisp, fruity characteristics.

About the Grape

Nero d’Avola
Nero d’Avola produces deep-colored wines that have wild cherry and plum, dark chocolate and earthy aromas and flavors, good minerality and acidity, and a high level of tannins.
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