Alberello trained (bush trained) vines are an average 20 years old, planted with a southern exposure at 250 feet elevation, about one mile from the sea. Yields are a low 3.75 tons/acre, to encourage aromatic depth and flavor complexity. In the spring, the vines are pruned to one bud per plant, and in June/July, a green harvest eliminates lesser grapes. Twenty days prior to harvest, there's an additional cluster thinning, or a selection of the best grapes in the bunch. To develop superior aromas and texture, the wine undergoes a 15-day cold maceration before fermentation with regular punching down, and is aged in steel tanks rather than oak to retain the grape's fresh, crisp and fruity characters.

90 Points
Blue Lifestyle
2017 vintage
89 Points
Wine Spectator
2017 vintage
Harvest Note
The 2017 growing season began very cold, with frost extending well into spring followed by an extreme heatwave in the beginning of summer. The growing season did not begin to balance out until August, where two significant rainfalls brought much needed respite to the plants, lowering temperatures and allowing the grapes to photosynthesize in optimal conditions. September saw a drop in temperatures, with prolonged and sunny days, which encouraged the plants to divert all the necessary nutrients to the clusters in order to obtain a product of excellent quality from the aromatic and polyphenolic points of view. Harvest time brought a very balanced season with gorgeous weather that allowed the grapes to excel, producing a quality wine.
Tasting Note
Straw-yellow wine with brilliant highlights. On the nose, it has a flowery and fruity aroma of pear and lemons. The wine has an excellent, persistent finish and a pleasant aromatic aftertaste.
Food Pairing
Pairs well with seafood, delicately flavored first courses, white meats and grilled fish. This wine stands up well to spices, especially Asian.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Grillo
APPELLATION: Terre Siciliane IGP
PH: 3.3
ACIDITY: 5.8 g/L
ABV: 13.47%
AGING: Aged in steel tanks rather than oak to retain the grape's fresh, crisp and fruity characters.
Unique Selling Points
  • Feudo Maccari’s vineyards have calcareous, lime-rich soils that are best suited for making wines with great minerality and freshness.
  • The vineyard’s close proximity to the sea, the hot temperatures driven by hot winds and the alberello vine training are all optimal growing conditions for Grillo, which has thrived here for millennia.
  • Wines like this that show high acidity are great compliments to most foods.

About the Grape

This grape makes a wine straw-yellow and gold in color, with intriguing, intensely floral aromas and notes of citrus, peach, almonds and sweet grass. In the mouth, the wine is full, with rich, deep flavors, balance and freshness.
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