Despite the remarkable precocious character, (the Clos Jebsal is the terroir where we find the first signs of flowering and véraison at the Domaine) this terroir has a real capacity to produce wines typical of cool soils. The grey marls of Keuper have a good water retention capacity and prevent hydric stress, yielding wines with beautiful balanced acidities. Noble rot is always present and every year since the very first vintage the wines from Clos Jebsal have been sweet. The climate at the end of the season determines whether the expression of the Clos Jebsal takes on the form of a Sélection de Grains Nobles, (Selection of Noble Grains) or Vendange Tardive. It is not a rare occurrence that in certain vintages the Jebsal is the only terroir which produces a noble rot wine.

Tasting Note

The color is pale yellow, the nose is delicate with some honey, candied fruits, raisons, and some light smoky flavours. The palate is elegant with great balance between sweetness and acidity.

Food Pairing

This is a rare wine for contemplation & best on its own. Possible pairings could include dried fruit, candied nuts, or foie gras.

Technical Data
Unique Selling Points
  • This was the only SGN wine produced at Zind-Humbrecht in 2011
  • Intense concentration and ageing potential
  • This was the result of a 3rd harvest pass through the Jebsal vineyard
  • Slightly lower acidity for an SGN allows for a lush and dramatic mouthfeel
  • Only available in 375ml

About the Grape

Pinot Grigio
This grape makes fresh, crisp, charming wines with apple, pear, almond and acacia flower aromas and clean, stone fruit flavors, or creamy, honeyed wines with spice, blossom and mineral aromas.
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