Taylor Fladgate holds one of the most extensive reserves of very old cask aged Port of any producer. They include a collection of rare Single Harvest Ports. These are Ports from a single year which age to full maturity in seasoned oak casks and display the year of harvest on the label. Taylor Fladgate has decided to make a limited release, each year, of a Single Harvest Port made 50 years previously. The 1965 Single Harvest is the second in the series. The Taylor Fladgate Single Harvest Port is presented in the classic frosted bottle associated with Taylor Fladgates celebrated range of Aged Tawny Ports and will be presented in a high quality wooden box.

Harvest Note

August was a dry month. As a result, the grapes ripened slowly and gradually and by the normal harvest time in mid-September the crop was still far from mature. The vintage began on the 15th October, the latest starting date since 1909. As dry conditions had continued throughout September the grapes were generally in good condition. Winemakers’ notes report that the musts displayed attractive aromas and excellent acidity.

Tasting Note

Warm mellow notes of black coffee, molasses and marzipan blend with dried fig, sultana and woody notes of cigar box and cedar. Subtle hints of tobacco leaf, faded rose petal and black tea as well as spicy aromas of black pepper and scents of orange flower combine to give the wine an attractive aromatic character. The overall effect is surprisingly light and ethereal, intense but never overwhelming.

Food Pairing

Combines well with flavors of figs, almonds, and caramel. It is an excellent complement for a crème brulee or a plate of wild strawberries. It may also be appreciated on its own, at the end of the meal, with walnuts or dried fruit.

Technical Data
GRAPES: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinto Cão, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca
APPELLATION: Douro Valley Porto
PH: 3.45
ACIDITY: 5.7 g/l
ABV: 20%
Unique Selling Points
  • Taylor Fladgate holds one of the largest stocks of cask aged wine of any Port house
  • A remarkable opportunity to experience a wine from 50 years ago
  • Perfect for 50th anniversaries or birthdays
  • Taylor Fladgate is the leading brand in the aged Tawny market

About the Grape

Touriga Nacional
Touriga Nacional produces wine with finesse, body and warmth that is dark, concentrated, massively tannic and aromatic. It ages to show the complex aromas typically found in mature vintage port.
Tinta Roriz
Tinta Roriz produces deep-colored grapes of moderate acidity which make bold wines with firm tannins, excellent complexity and distinctive resin-like fragrance.
Tinta Barroca
Used to make Port wines, this high yielding grape has very high sugar content, which makes wines with pronounced floral character, good structure and firm, ripe tannins.
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