Seikyo is the original brand from Nakao brewery when they were established in 1871. “Seikyo” meaning “Mirror of Truth”, poetically conveys the aspiration that their passion and effort is genuinely reflected in the quality of the sake. This sake is a true local favorite, named also after the town Takehara which it is brewed in. Using local table rice and the local soft water that Hiroshima is known for, this Junmai is soft, melting, layered and oh so drinkable.

Throughout sake history, most sake has been brewed with ordinary table rice. Even today, many jizake breweries utilize local table rice in addition to special sake rice cultivars. Hiroshima and the larger Chugoku area have long been known for growing high-quality rice, thanks in part to the cold water springing up in the mountains and the cool climate at night.

Tasting Note

Mellow, mild, and balanced with hints of honey and brown butter.

Food Pairing

Best slightly chilled or room temperature; can be lightly warmed. Excellent with fried oysters, Japanese “katsu,” or cutlet, or yakitori.

Technical Data
ABV: 15.4%
REGION: Hiroshima
GRADE: Junmai
RICE: Local rice from Hiroshima Prefecture
Unique Selling Points
  • An even-keeled, mellow junmai– not too earthy and dry, but by no means sweet.
  • The Nakao Sake Brewery is located on the coast in an area that had natural salt beds hundreds of years ago
  • Delicate and clean, showing the classic Hiroshima style
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