Omachi rice was discovered more than 150 years ago, in 1859, and is the oldest sake rice. It is the only non-crossbred rice that exists in Japan today and more than 70% of all varieties of sake rice belong to the Omachi family. It is very difficult to grow because it becomes more than 5.4 feet tall and is also easily affected by insects. Because of its large grain and big, soft white central part, this rice has to be polished and washed with special care.

Koji rice is the ingredient that has the greatest influence on the taste. When making the koji-rice for Junmai Ginjo sake at the brewery, they use the traditional method of small wooden trays, which are individually treated with care. Also, while in general it takes 46 hours to make koji-rice, they spend more than 50 hours, the time necessary for making koji-rice for Daiginjo sake. In this way, they are able to make koji-rice with a solid taste and brew sake with a richer flavor and more depth.

Tasting Note

Herbal and bright on the nose; fresh lime on the palate; crisp, clean finish.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled with Thai or Vietnamese food, ceviche, or vinegar dressed salads.

Technical Data
REGION: Hiroshima
GRADE: Junmai Ginjo Omachi
RICE: Omachi
Unique Selling Points
  • Made from “Omachi” rice, an ancient, heirloom varietal of sake rice
  • An excellent representation of Omachi with its herbal and grassier notes
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