Based in the historic town of Takehara, the Nakao Brewery was established in 1871. Now managed by the 6th generation of the family, the brewery has been at the forefront of the study of yeast and fermentation. Seikyo Namazake is brewed with Omachi rice, characterized by a deeply rich and soft taste as well as a crisp finish. Omachi rice was discovered more than 150 years ago and is the oldest existing sake rice. It is also the only non-crossbreed sake rice that exists in Japan today, with more than 70% of all varieties of sake rice belonging to the Omachi family.

Tasting Note

Brash and yeasty on the nose; herbal and grassy on the palate; finishes mild and delicate.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled on its own or with light foods like salad, sushi, and grilled white meats.

Technical Data
REGION: Hiroshima
GRADE: Junmai Ginjo
RICE: Omachi
YEAST: K1601
Unique Selling Points
  • Every year, sake aficianados await the release of the spring “namazakes” or unpasteurized sake.
  • Made from Omachi rice, Seikyo Namazake is a fantastic representation of this varietal and the spring release.
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