Côte Rôtie is one of the oldest vineyard regions of France and was developed by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, it is said that Seigneur de Maugiron divided his land between his two daughters, one blonde and one brunette. The two slopes of Côte Rôtie – Côte Blonde and Côte Brune – were named after these sisters.

Les Pierrelles is a vineyard located in the heart of Côte Blonde, which is known for producing smooth, well-rounded wines. It was named for the dry stone wall surrounding the vineyard, with “pierres” meaning stones in French. The 30- to 50-year-old goblet trained Syrah vines grow on a steep 56-degree South-facing slope in soils of decomposing michaschists and exposed bedrock. The organic Syrah grapes are hand-harvested, destemmed, and fermented. The wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, 20% of which are new, and demi-muids. Potential to age up to 15 years.

Harvest Note

The 2020 vintage began with a mild winter and one of the warmest springs in France. Regular rainfall encouraged quick flowering in very good conditions. July brough strong heat and an absence of rain but an early veraison prevented degradation since the water needs of the vine decreases at this stage. The harvest started early in good weather conditions and resulted in healthy, quality grapes.

Tasting Note

This complex and ample red wine has aromas of cherries, raspberries, and violet with minerality, silky tannins, and good length

Food Pairing

Fillet of beef with chanterelle mushrooms, noisette of lamb

Unique Selling Points
  • Côte Rôtie is one of the oldest vineyard regions and was developed by the Romans
  • Located in the heart of Côte Blonde, know for smooth, well-rounded wines
  • Goblet trained vines grow on a steep terraced slope
  • Vineyard is certified AB Organic
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