Located in the Yamagata region of Northern Japan, The Eiko Fuji Brewing Company was founded in 1778 and is now led by the 13th generation of the Kato family. The Katos named their sake after Mt. Fuji because they wanted their sake to be as glorious and widely enjoyed as the National Symbol. Today, Kodai Kato is the Toji, or head Brewmaster. Kodai Toji is the youngest Toji in Japan to win Gold Awards at the National Sake Competitions for his sake. Adept at using many different types of rice and methods, the brewery is brimming with youthful inspiration and passion.

Origarami is a style of nigori (cloudy) sake, meaning it is slightly hazy with well incorporated sake lees. This method allows you to enjoy the pure taste of the Miyama Nishiki sake rice, without being heavy on the palate. This sake is undiluted (genshu) and pasteurized just once in the bottle before shipping to retain its brightness.

Tasting Note

The sake is smooth and silky, with notes of honeydew melon and milk punch. Finishing with a sparkly acidity that makes this sake easy to pair with many dishes from ceviche to cheeseburgers. Best served chilled. 

Technical Data
REGION: Yamagata
GRADE: Junmai Ginjo
RICE: Miyama Nishiki
YEAST: Yamagata KA
Unique Selling Points
  • Origarami method, a lighter style of nigori (cloudy sake) that is only slightly hazy with well incorporated sake lees
  • Made with Miyama Nishiki rice, a cool climate cultivar grown in the Northern regions of Japan, admired for making balanced yet elegant sake, with a light and refreshing character
  • Genshu (undiluted) and pasteurized just once in the bottle before shipping
  • Made by the Eiko Fuji Brewing Company, established in 1778 and now run by the 13th generation
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