This sake classifies as “Nama-chozo” and is available year-round, so you do not need to wait until the spring to get it. The brewery brews it, stores it at 41 degrees Fahrenheit as namazake (unpasteurized sake), and then pasteurizes once in bottle just before shipping, as needed.

Founded in 1778, the Fuji Brewery is now managed by the 13th generation of the Kato family, Ariyoshi Kato. The head brew master Kodai Kato, one the youngest Toji in Japan to win a gold medal at the National Japan Sake Competition.  Located in Tsuruoka City, a sake-brewing hub in Yamagata prefecture, Eiko Fuji embodies the style of Yamagata- light, clean and delightfully fruity.

Tasting Note

Delicate notes of green apple on the nose; soft and melting on the palate; notes of green apple and candied sugar; finishes with a delicate acidity.

Food Pairing

Serve lightly chilled as an apéritif or with high-end omakase or kaiseki.

Technical Data
REGION: Yamagata
GRADE: Junmai Ginjo Namazake
RICE: 20% Yamadanishiki, 80% Miyamanishiki
YEAST: Association #10
Unique Selling Points
  • This sake is a wonderful representation of the Yamagata ginjo style.
  • Unlike most namazake, or unpasteurized sake, which are sold seasonally, this namazake is stored chilled and available year-round.
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