Honkara is an abbreviation for “Honjozo Karakuchi”, which is a classic type of sake. Honjozo’s are rich and robust. “Karakuchi” means it is dry. This Honkara is a wonderful representation of the style. It has a light and silky mouthfeel, some marshmallow sweetness, and a crisp dry finish. It can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature or gently warmed.

Tasting Note

Low aroma, slight marshmallow on the palate. Finishes dry, and clean.

Food Pairing

Serve chillled. Great with yakitori, Korean barbeque, or other grilled meats.

Technical Data
REGION: Yamagata
GRADE: Honjozo
RICE: Haenuki from Yamagata
YEAST: Association #10
Unique Selling Points
  • “Honkara” is short for Honjozo Karakuchi, a classic, dry style of sake.
  • On the fruity to dry scale in sake, this measures +10.
  • Sakes that are +4 and higher are already dry.
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