Alexandre Ponnavoy


Born in 1979 in the Dijon region, Alexandre Ponnavoy grew up and completed part of his education in Burgundy.  After finishing his Masters in Agronomy at the Institut Jules Guyot (University of Burgundy) and ENITA (National School of Engineers in Agricultural Techniques), he left his native region for Reims. It's in Champagne that he obtained his Masters in Oenology - Champagne Wines specializing in Quality Marketing, Regulation, Business and Management.  

Having completed his National Oenology Diploma (University Champagne-Ardennes, Reims), Alexandre joined a Champagne House in Reims which, several year later, sent him to California to make wines. In 2007, he joined the Station Enotechnique de Champagne (SOEC) as an Oenology consultant, where he remained until 2015. In this role, he has provided advice to and supported more than 150 properties, dealers and partners in Champagne along with other parts of France and abroad.

In April 2015, Alexandre joined Maison Taittinger as Deputy Cellar Master to assist Loïc Dupont, the Cellar Master. After nearly 30 years of blending for the House of Taittinger, Loïc Dupont transmitted his know-how to Alexandre Ponnavoy and has retired. Alexandre carries on the excellent quality of the house and the brand’s position the Taittinger way. He ensures the consistency, balance and finesse of all wines and puts his own special touch on the vintages to come. Alexandre lives in the Reims region. He is married and has a young daughter.

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