Marqués de Valor Albariño is grown entirely from the San Cibrao estate vineyard, which overlooks the Mino River in Spain's Galicia region. The San Cibrao vineyard is composed primarily of granite, which gives the wine an exceptional minerality and distinct focus. Harvest is always carried out entirely by hand and a rigorous selection process ensures that only the highest quality grapes are included in the wine. The wines are allowed to age on lees for 4 to 5 months, allowing for increased concentration and richness to develop in the final wines. The final product is a complex and interesting Albariño of the highest quality.

Harvest Note
The 2023 vintage can be considered excellent quality. Spring started off with mild temperatures and the growing season was excellent. The year was unfortunately marked by some drought conditions in the summer that decreased yields but also created incredibly concentrated wines. The Albariño grapes were harvested by hand during the first week of September and exhibit excellent phenolic maturity while also maintaining balanced acidity.
Tasting Note
This elegant white has aromas of white peach and lemon peel with a mineral-driven saline finish. The long finish features a rich mouthfeel and crisp acidity. The wine is best served at a temperature of 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Food Pairing
A versatile wine, that pairs well with light to medium intensity foods such as seafood, chicken, salads and dishes featuring lots of herbs, like pesto. Works well with a variety of cheeses, Manchego, Gouda and it is specifically good with a salty cheese like Feta.
Technical Data
GRAPES: Albariño 100%
PH: 3.3
ABV: 12.5%
AGING: 4-5 months
Unique Selling Points
  • 100% Albariño from the San Cibrao estate vineyard, comprised of granite soils and overlooking the Miño river
  • Quality focused production, the grapes are hand harvested and undergo a rigorous selection
  • Aged 4-5 months on lees, giving richness and texture to the wines
  • A small production wine, with a production of only 3,000 cases annually
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