Marqués de Valor Albariño comes from vineyards lining the hillsides along the Miño river in Spain's Galicia region.

Located in the northwest corner of the country, Galicia is separated from the neighboring province of Castille and Leon by the Serra dos Ancares mountain range. Galicia’s location sandwiched directly between the ocean and mountains create a unique climate which is much cooler and rainier than the rest of the country. This cool and wet area that runs along the coast of Spain is often referred to as “Green Spain” and is well known for producing exceptional white wines.

Albariño for Marqués de Valor is produced entirely from the San Cibrao estate vineyard located on hillside terraces ranging from 200 to 322 meters in altitude. The vineyard soils are composed of primarily granite, with some inclusions of metamorphic schists. These soils are ideal for growing Albarino, delivering a flavor profile of focused fruit as well as a brightness and purity to the wines. Granite soils are extremely poor, requiring the vines to dig deep for water and minerals which impart classic mineral notes and create wines with lots of tension and complexity.

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