Watari Bune is the name of the rice used to make this sake. The brewery revived this rice strain in the 1990’s after it had been extinct for sixty years. It took them three years before they had enough rice to brew their first batch of sake. It is now a cult favorite among sake aficionados, known for its unique flavor profile which balances nutty notes with abundant ripe fruit, bright acidity and finishes with a delicate effervescence.

Huchu Homare was founded in 1854 and is managed by the 7th generation of the family, Takaaki “Taka” Yamauchi. When the brewery was founded, their first brand was Taiheikai, meaning “Pacific Ocean”. The brewery made history generations later in the early 1990s when Taka Yamauchi revived the sake rice named “Watari Bune” and launched a unique line of sake to celebrate this formerly extinct sake rice.

Tasting Note

Overall lively and bright, fruity with some funky aromas and flavors. Over-ripe musk melon on palate, bright white peach in finish.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled with monkfish liver (ankimo), considered the foie gras of the sea. Also delicious with duck and other game served with berries.

Technical Data
ABV: 16%
REGION: Ibaraki
GRADE: Junmai Ginjo
RICE: Watari Bune
YEAST: Association #9
Unique Selling Points
  • Watari Bune is the name of the rice used to make this sake.
  • It finishes lively to the end, with a bright, snappy acidity.
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