The grapes for Montes Folly grow on the steepest hillsides of Finca de Apalta, where the vines have adapted best and have found good balance between yields and vegetative expression. The soils are of granitic origin and primarily consist of decomposing rocks from high above in the chain of mountains that crosses the valley, and therefore the soils in this sector are rather thin and poor in organic matter with a good percolation capacity, which enables the roots to explore the entire profile in search of water. The grapes are cut by hand and rigorously selected. Montes Folly has been awarded as the best Syrah in Chile.

Tasting Note

The nose is very elegant, with hints of blueberries, cassis and currants, together with soft aromas of chocolate and a subtle toast. The palate is robust and balanced, with soft tannins.

Food Pairing

Highly recommended with red meats, lamb, veal, and pork chops.

Unique Selling Points
  • First ultra-premium Syrah in Chile, recognized at the best Chilean Syrah
  • Grapes grown in the steepest, highest slopes of Montes vineyards in Apalta, Colchagua
  • Has more color, tannins and flavors, making it richly complex and powerful
  • Grapes are hand-selected and sorted on special selection tables

About the Grape

Syrah has seductively dense, rich, chewy black berry aromas and flavors, with notes of tar, wood smoke, bacon, leather, chocolate, and sometimes violets. The tannins are firm yet elegant.
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