White Porto was first introduced by Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman in the 1930s. It is produced from grapes grown in the Douro Valley. The winemaking is very similar to that of red Porto, although white Porto is fermented longer before brandy is added to stop the fermentation, leaving less residual sugar for a drier style of wine. Siroco is fermented half on the skins and half off, with no pumping-over, to minimize oxidation. The wine is then transferred to large wooden vats for four years of maturation.

Tasting Note

Pale straw gold in color, the wine is lightly sweet with a vibrant acidity and round, velvety texture. White fruit aromas and flavors are offset by light oak notes.

Food Pairing

Customarily served chilled as an aperitif, on the rocks or with tonic or sparkling water.

Technical Data
GRAPES: Malvasia Fina, Malvasia Rei
ACIDITY: 4.2 g/l
ABV: 20%
AGING: 4 years in neutral oak
Unique Selling Points
  • A dry-style white Porto perfect for aperitifs
  • Matured for four years in oak vats to allow flavors to develop
  • Introduced in the 1930s by Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman

About the Grape

Vinified dry, Malvasia has spicy aromas, full body, and broad, peachy fruit, with notes of musk, almond and acidity. In sweet wines, the nutty, grape skin qualities are intensified.
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