Caposaldo blends a handcrafted, artisanal approach to winemaking with cutting-edge quality standards and techniques. Fruit is hand harvested from 100% DOC-rated 20-year-old vines that yield fewer but more intensely flavored grapes. The fruit is harvested at night to maintain the most delicate flavors and aromas and ensure the fruit is at the coolest temperature when it arrives at the winery. The wine is crafted using preferred natural fermentation in autoclave, which results in a superior effervescent quality. Like all Prosecco, Caposaldo Prosecco is nonvintage.

Tasting Note

Bright with persistent bubbles, the wine has a fruity aroma of citrus, green apple and acacia blossoms. On the palate, the elegant, brut-style wine has a pleasant acidity and freshness and a soft, round mouthfeel.

Food Pairing

Excellent paired with light cheeses, prosciutto and other antipasti, fried foods, light pastas and desserts.

Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Glera (the grape formerly called Prosecco)
PH: 3.19
ACIDITY: 5.55 g/l
ABV: 11.5%
Unique Selling Points
  • A preferred natural second fermentation results in a superior effervescence.
  • Produced from 20-year-old vines that yield intensely flavored fruitthat yield intensely flavored fruit
  • Wine is bottled on demand to maintain highest level of quality
  • A classic Italian wine at an accessible price

About the Grape

Glera makes a wine with aromas of apples, almonds and wisteria, with delicate flavors and soft structure.
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