Vincent de Bez has been working for the family winery since 1977, with his father Paul and brother Bruno

Château d’Aqueria

Vincent de Bez


Vincent de Bez shares responsibility for Château d'Aqueria with his brother, Bruno, who oversees sales and marketing. His father, Paul, spent 40 years developing the property’s vineyards and wines.

The Subtle Discovery of Winemaking

As a child growing up at Château d'Aqueria, de Bez’s greatest joys were to run through the vineyards eating ripe grapes before harvest, and afterwards to smell the fermenting wine in the cellars. He listened with rapt attention to the stories his grandfather, Jean Olivier, told of planting the land to vines—his selection of different varieties based on the different plots. But it was his father who showed him the process of “subtle discovery” of winemaking. As winemaker, he feels there is nothing more exciting than “making the connections to understand and ‘feel’ the year, evaluate its weaknesses and strengths” to make the best wine.

Vincent de Bez has been working at the family winery since 1977. He holds master’s degrees in viticulture as well as management and marketing. He is married with five children.


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