The teamwork between Ralph Garcin and Brice Vienne gives rise to Château d’Aqueria’s great Tavel wines which express the full range of nuances and complexity of the terroirs from this centuries-old estate.
Ralph Garcin & Brice Vienne

Like a score composed for four hands played by these two trained oenologists, the wines they make benefit from their combined knowledge, experience and vision.

Brice, cellar master at Château d’Aqueria, first studied microbiology at the French Wine and Vine Institute, then continued with training in oenology. He has brought a transversal view to Château d’Aqueria, a vision that encompasses the plot to the vat so as to reveal all the finesse and delicacy of this sandy terroir, so emblematic of Tavel.

Ralph, Director at Château d’Aqueria, is an agronomist and oenologist. His professional career has led him to work with prestigious wineries from the north to the south of the Rhone valley. He is a great technician with deep experience and knowledge of the best terroirs and the exceptional wines they give rise to.

Château d’Aqueria is the ideal place for this collaboration, the focal point of these two enthusiastic experts who together bring forth highly expressive wines with unique, strong character.

Château d’Aqueria
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