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Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Where Award Winning Wines, Food, and Wonderful Accommodations Wed

March 24, 2023

Food and wine lovers have long been flocking to Portland, Oregon for its abundance of farm-fresh restaurant offerings and excellent wines from nearby Willamette Valley. Naturally it doesn’t hurt that James Beard was born here. Portland is also a beautiful and manageable city with art, nature, and for the architecturally impressed, bridges galore.

Hosting two-thirds of Oregon’s wineries, Willamette Valley boasts more than 700 wineries. Due to Willamette’s location, it’s protected from weather extremes resulting in a long growing season with Pinot Noir at the forefront. One of the newer belles of the ball but with a long winemaking history is Résonance Winery.

Amid the ethereal views you can sip one of Résonance’s award-winning single vineyard wines or estate blends, all between 13% and 13.5% alcohol volume. Personal favorites were the 2017 and 2018 Résonance Pinot Noir and the 2018 Découvert Vineyard Pinot Noir. But frankly, picking favorites was often a futile Heraculean task especially given the excellent flavor profiles.

Excerpt taken from Money Inc.
Author: Julie L. Kessler

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