Tenute Silvio Nardi’s three estates—Casale del Bosco, Manachiara and Bibbiano—comprise some 36 podere, or individual vineyard plots, situated to the east and west of the town of Montalcino, at elevations ranging from about 800 to 1,300 feet.

Montalcino’s warm Mediterranean climate is cooled by the region’s altitude, allowing the grapes to ripen gradually for full flavor and structural development. Flowering occurs during the last 10 days of May and the first 10 of June. Harvest normally begins in late September to mid-October.

Casale del Bosco


The vineyards of Tenute Silvio Nardi is a property consisting of 2,022 acres in the northwest part of Montalcino. The estate lies in a predominantly hilly area between the flood plain of the Ombrone River and the place name of Cerralti. The podere, or vineyard plots, of Oria, Sassi, Sant’Adele and San Michele, each offer a different style and are all located within the estate. Currently, Casale del Bosco’s 100 acres of vineyards, situated between 790 and 1,150 feet in elevation, are planted to Sangiovese Grosso and are classified as Brunello di Montalcino and the secondary Rosso di Montalcino denominations. Soils here are comprised of clay schist and jasper, a type of opaque, granular quartz. The Casale del Bosco has recently been replanted, and maintains a reputation for producing wines with finesse.


The Manachiara estate, purchased in 1962, is located in the southwest of Montalcino near Castelnuovo dell’Abate and covers 505 acres. The vineyard plots Pinzale, Stercolati, Colombaiolo and Manachiara proper are within this estate. The estate vineyards cover 95 acres situated at 919-1,279 feet elevation with varying exposures. The Manachiara vineyard has vines that are the estate’s oldest; thought to be roughly 50 years old, which are sited within an extraordinary, 17-acre mesoclimate with a name that means sunny morning, suggesting their beneficial illumination, from early morning through late afternoon. Whereas the dominant soil profile of the estate is sand with clay, the Manachiara vineyard has distinctly high calcium content which offers particularly good drainage which benefits the old vines.  Throughout the winemaking, grapes from the Manachiara vineyard are vinified with top-of-the-line technology to highlight the vineyard’s exceptional soil.

With the help and guidance of the late Yves Glories and Andrea Paoletti, Nardi is recognized for planting the first vineyard with five select clones, each contributing specific signature and style to the wines, named Tenute Silvio Nardi 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. These clones have been carefully selected after completing ten years of micro-vinifications and testing for reactions to different climates or vintages.  They have shown differently within the past five climates, offering great wine with good color.  These clones were chosen based on the intensity of their color, nose, and aging potential and tested for their morphology.  Combined with scientific research, the clones put a modern spin on the historic blending traditions. Tenute Silvio Nardi 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are currently in their final stage of testing and await recommendation from the ministry for approval by the end of 2013. Once approved, they can be offered to other producers, putting Nardi at the forefront of research in the industry. Ultimately, the goal is to become synonymous with the history of Sangiovese.

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