Infamous Goose's ultimate goals are to guarantee better quality assurance from the vineyard through to the bottle and to ensure improved operational practices to take better care of and respect the environment.

With a strong commitment to sustainable production in both the vineyards and winery, Infamous Goose employs key sustainable practices established and audited by Water and Atmosphere Information Ltd (WAI) – the third party organization which establishes and audits compliance to New Zealand Sustainable Practice Requirements.

Infamous Goose has met and/or exceeded all WAI requirements including, but not limited to, 100% compliance in vineyard management and in the wine processing plant in terms of:

  • Soil management and vine nutrition
  • Cover crop and irrigation management
  • Water management and irrigation
  • Site, rootstocks, variety and planting system for the vineyards
  • Environmentally and safety conscious growing practicies


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