The Buglioni estate is in the prestigious Valpolicella Classico zone located in the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. The region is known for producing high quality grapes – primarily Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Molinara. In 1968 Valpolicella Classico was given DOC status, and in 2010 Amarone della Valpolicella received DOCG status. All vineyards are farmed and certified organic since 2019, and grapes are hand harvested. The Buglioni vineyards are divided into two distinct properties: Vigneto Corrubbio and Vigneto San Pietro.

The Valpolicella Classico Microclimate

Lake Garda, which is located near Valpolicella Classico has a significant impact on differentiating its climate from the rest of the Valpolicella area. The lake helps create a microclimate that is favorable for grape growing. During the summer months, Lake Garda helps cool the area and prevent the grapes from overheating. This is particularly important because of the warm dry summers typical of the Valpolicella region. In the winter, the lake helps the surrounding area maintain a more moderate winter climate, preventing frost from damaging the vines. The cooler summers and warmer winters help create a better environment for the grapes to grow and develop.

Vigneto Corrubbio

The original vineyard surrounding the Buglioni family home. It began as 10 acres and since then has grown to 37 acres. It gets its name “Corrubbio” from the name of the town where it is located. The vines are trained in Pergola method which keeps the fruit high off the ground. This protects the grapes against humidity while maintaining enough coverage to protect them from the hot summer sun. The elevation is 460ft and the soil consists of a clay topsoil followed by two feet of limestone. This composition creates a wine with lots of structure from the clay, combined with elegance and soft fruit from the limestone.

Vigneto San Pietro

San Pietro is the second Valpolicella Classico estate, with a total of 91 planted acres. This vineyard is located at an elevation of 500ft. The high elevation allows for guyot method vine pruning, making it much easier to work the vineyard. The soil consists of limestone and clay, creating a wine of greater power, richness, and full body.

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