Alta Vista has emerged as a leader in its commitment to sustainable wine growing and winemaking practices.

A pioneer since its inception in 1998, Alta Vista makes terroir-expressive wines from high-altitude vineyards in Argentina’s Mendoza and Salta provinces. In 2001, Alta Vista was the first winery in Argentina to produce single vineyard wines. Over the years, Alta Vista has earned countless accolades for its wines, all the while remaining committed to its green practices and low environmental impact.

cutting-edge ‘bio bed’ technology from Sweden eliminates contaminants

Constantly innovating, Alta Vista has brought ‘bio bed’ technology from Europe and adapted it to destroy chemical and biological agents in waste water. Vineyard Manager Pamela Alfonso explains ‘bio beds’: “They originated in Sweden in response to the need for simple and effective methods to minimize environmental contamination from chemical use, especially when filling or cleaning spraying equipment. ‘Bio beds’ contain fungus that retain and destroy chemical and biological agents.” After Alta Vista analyzes the final results, a manual detailing how to build ‘bio beds’ will be published in 2014.

ISO Certifications for food safety and quality management, and the goal to become carbon neutral

In January 2013, Alta Vista completed its ISO 22.000 certification for preventative food safety. This identifies physical, allergenic, chemical and biological hazards in production that can cause products to be unsafe, and implements systems to reduce these risks to safe levels. In 2007, Alta Vista was one of the first Argentina wineries to obtain the ISO 9001/2000 certification, which specifies requirements for quality management.

Alta Vista’s commitment to sustainable production:

  • Winery water is treated and re-used for irrigation
  • Vegetal waste is incorporated into the soil to enhance its organic composition and its humidity retention
  • Grape pomace is distilled and de-acidified for use as compost and natural fertilizer
  • Chemical containers go through a 3-step cleaning process and are re-used by winery suppliers
  • Winery and offices recycle as much solid waste as possible
  • Non-agricultural waste is separated and either sold or made available for recycling
  • All Alta Vista vineyards are situated at high altitude in a dry climate
  • Pesticides are rarely used and only when quality of crop is in danger
  • In the winery, as little manipulation as possible is used to respect the natural quality of the vineyards, the grapes and the wine


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