Mike Trujillo has more than 30 years of experience making wine in Napa Valley, having learned from Jim Allen, André Tchelistcheff and Tony Soter.

Sequoia Grove Winery

Michael Trujillo

President, Director of Winemaking

With more than 30 years of winemaking experience in Napa Valley, Michael Trujillo has continually enhanced the quality of the wines at Sequoia Grove, among other projects initiating important expansion of Estate vineyard holdings and creating Cambium, an iconic new wine in the Sequoia Grove portfolio.

Trujillo’s introduction to winemaking occurred in 1982 when, on spring break from his engineering program at Colorado College, he took a road trip to California and dropped by Sequoia Grove to visit family friend Jim Allen, who then offered him a job. Trujillo learned his craft in the vineyards and winery from Jim Allen, as well as from consultants André Tchelistcheff and Tony Soter; “André taught me the importance of balance, and Tony taught me modern techniques and ways to avoid winemaking problems,” he says.

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