Vouvray, in France's Loire Valley, specializes in exceptional Chenin Blanc wines. Its terroir, featuring limestone, clay, and flint soils, shaped by the Loire River, fosters a rich viticultural heritage dating back to Roman times. Indeed, many wineries here boast limestone cellars built during the Roman Empire. Vouvray’s multi-generational winemakers use their deep knowledge of the varietal to create rich and refreshing Chenin Blancs that are renowned worldwide as the ideal expression of the varietal. A relatively cool climate makes for crisp and refreshing wines that perfectly balances the natural richness of Chenin Blanc grapes.

Harvest Note
The 2023 growing season in Vouvray was marked by unique climatic conditions. The year began with a mild winter, followed by a warm and dry spring, which prompted early bud break and flowering. However, a sudden frost in late April posed challenges, leading to some crop loss in certain vineyards. Despite this setback, the summer brought consistent warmth and sunshine, allowing for even ripening of the grapes. A temperate autumn with cool nights allowed for extended hang time, contributing to the development of complex flavors and balanced acidity in the wines. These highly favorable summer and autumn conditions yielded grapes of excellent quality.
Tasting Note
Ripe pear, crisp green apple, and hints of flower blossoms on the nose, with nuanced minerality that brings elegance and bright tension to the palate.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 100% Chenin Blanc
APPELLATION: Vouvray Apellation d’Origine Protégée
PH: 3.16
ACIDITY: 7315 g/l
ABV: 12%
Unique Selling Points
  • Vouvray is an ancient winegrowing region that features Roman limestone caves
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