Montes Alpha Merlot was made with selected grapes from vineyards in the Colchagua Valley. This vineyard uses the Water Saving Wine growing method developed by Aurelio Montes and his team as the result of years of research that enabled them to determine the precise amount of water we need to supplement after the winter rains, especially in years with low rainfall, when irrigation is indispensable. This has enabled us to reduce the amount of irrigation used by 65% while simultaneously improving the quality of the fruit.

Harvest Note
The season began with a mild winter and rather low levels of rain compared to years with greater availability of water. However, the soil retained its moisture through budbreak and well into the season, which allowed winemakers to begin irrigating later and keep more water for the summer. In the Colchagua Valley, summer was dry, without any rain to endanger the health of the grapes, and also warm enough that there was no damage to the vines or the grapes. Thanks to the conditions of water stress between fruit set and veraison, the size of the grapes was diminished, creating a good ratio of skin to pulp and producing fruit of extraordinary colour, concentration, tannic richness, and very good aromas. There was no precipitation in March and April, which allowed winemakers to wait for complete phenological ripeness, without the presence of disease that could have affected the quality of the wine. The year presented no adverse weather events, producing healthy, quality grapes that in turn produced clean musts of great potential.
Tasting Note
There’s a medium level of toast thanks to the 12 months in French oak, accompanied by notes of pastry and sweet spice. Smooth and balanced, with medium body and a long finish, leaving dairy notes like yogurt and dulce de leche, and subtle fresh mint that enhances the elegance of the wine.
Food Pairing
Highly recommended with duck breast, lamb or pork chops, pasta with pesto, lamb masala, or chicken with mushroom sauce.
Technical Data
GRAPES: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc
PH: 3.51
ACIDITY: 3.6 g/l
ABV: 14.5%
AGING: 55% of the wine was aged for 12 months in first, second, and third use French oak barrels.
Unique Selling Points
  • Pioneered the way for all premium wines in Chile, remains #1 in the niche
  • 55% aged in French oak barrels for 12 months

About the Grape

Merlot makes plump, succulent wines to drink young or opulently massive wines for aging. Has silky, blackberry and currant fruit, with spice, earth, tobacco and chocolate notes, and soft tannins.
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